ITM - Issue No.1 Everybody's Grinding Co

Welcome all, to the first ever issue of In The Making! At ITM, we aim to be a platform for the new adults. Our focus is to be a source of advice and guidance for the new generation of adults entering ‘the real world’.


Being the creator and editor, ITM is important to me. As a young adult myself, it’s easy to feel lost and alone as you enter ‘the real world’. It’s daunting and confusing over what to do next. That is why I wanted to make a platform that can help others through this time and not feel like it is just happening to them. We seek to feature and highlight young, talented individuals and recent graduates to offer the ability to relate and inspire our readers. This is a key aspect and priority of mine. Giving these new adults a place to showcase themselves, displaying their success and hard-work. We want to give our readers aspiration to follow their own passions and give themselves the chance to try.

Every month we focus on a different topic and fill the magazine with articles and individuals who relate to the message. This month: Everybody’s Grinding. 2020, and into this current year, has been one hell of time and experience. But that didn’t stop some people, especially those featured this month. They have been grinding hard and it’s paying off.

So, sit back and relax and I hope you enjoy Issue No.1 of In The Making. In the meantime, we will be working hard to bring you the next issue of the magazine on June 1st.

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"With excellent user interface and functionality. The content is well written and relevant to your target audience. The interactive components; audio files on interviews, web links and TikTok clips are a great addition to form a more interactive experience ... You evidence professional working practises from branding to Covid safety and project management, as well as promotion and distribution."

- Sanna Wicks,

Module Leader

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"Sets the bar for FMPS of its kind and I'm sure we'll use it as an example for years. The graphic design on display would impress even on a graphic design degree, it's a testament to your own skills. The attention to detail is fantastic."

- Luke Collins,

Course Tutor